Meditation Steps to Reflexive Self-Consciousness

Meditation and Reflexive Self-Consciousness

Consciousness Expansion

All sincere individual Meditation, regardless of orientation and tradition, aims initially at the expansion of consciousness, and ultimately Reflexive Self-Consciousness.

Reflexive Self-Consciousness

Meditation which aims at Reflexive Self-Consciousness brings the individual progressively towards and into total self-determination and freedom. Reflexive Self-consciousness brings the individual into correspondence with total reality, and maximum self-response-ability; the expansion of consciousness enabling greater true-Self understanding at the level of the Unifield and Macrocosmos.

General Course Outline

This Course has 6 video presentations.

Meditations on the Physical Body, including Vital Centres

Meditations on Emotional States, including Psychology

Meditations on Ideas, Concepts and Systems of thought, including Philosophy

Meditations on Principles of Transcendence, including Religious & Faith processes

Meditations on Art and Symbols

Meditations on Will and stages of Sentience, Awareness and Consciousness

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