Introduction to Consciousness & Reflexive Self-Consciousness

Introduction to Consciousness and Reflexive Self-Consciousness


There are several words often used more or less indiscriminately to express what we mean when we say we KNOW anything.

We may say we know a thing, we are aware of it, we are conscious of it, we feel it, we sense it, etc.

Awareness, Consciousness, Feeling, Sensation
are words which refer to THAT whereby we know what we know.

The words consciousness, awareness, sentience, feeling, all refer to

The word “consciousness” has a more specific significance. It is from the same root as “science”.
The SCI in the word is seen in the Latin scindere, “to split, to separate.”
Consciousness [as a way of knowing] knows things as separate from each other.
Consciousness defines analytically what sentience experiences wholly and none analytically.

The word “awareness” is derived from the Old English “waer,” “cautious”. It is cognate with the Latin vereri, “to observe anxiously.”
To be wary is to be on guard in feeling, to be watchful.
Reflexive Self-Consciousness?

Reflexive Self-Consciousness

is a state of transcendent self awareness which confers upon the beings who attain it certain powers of adequate response and capacities of stimulus assimilation.

These powers man must attain, or perish from the earth as unfit for the next necessary step in the evolution of consciousness.


This Course has 6 video presentations, a total of 44 component parts, and is timed through 90 minutes.

The work is excerpted from the teachings of Eugene Halliday and is offered as a beginner’s approach to a longer and more precise study which follows in other Courses.

Generally, this essential study, slowly and carefully narrated, may require more than one viewing, & perhaps a lifetime of practice.

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