Five Things to Do – Insights & Meditations

Five Things to Do – Exist, Feel, Think, Understand, Will.

This Course offers 11 video presentations – 6 explanatory insights and 5 practical meditation exercises.

The “Five Things to Do” insights are from the teachings of Eugene Halliday, and the practical exercises are to assist embodiment of the insights in the individual. Each of the 10 main parts, following the free introductory video, invite the participant to clarify the insight and then to apply one of potentially innumerable experiential meditation exercises. The Five Things to Do derive from mirrored teachings found in both Indian and European sources, The Taittiriya Upanishad and The Bible. The insights and teachings are Universal in value and do not require understanding of any philosophic or religious traditions.

The instruction is suited to everybody, regardless of age, experience or ability (physically or mentally). The practical meditations are intended to be undertaken in the sitting upright position, regardless of the particular seated posture. No special ability is required in how to sit, apart from the requirement to have the spine straight, and your posture may be adapted to your own preference.

It is encouraged that the videos are viewed and reviewed, and that the practical meditation exercises are repeated many times until the participant can apply the techniques inwardly and without listening instruction.

A total of just over 200 minutes of insights and precisely guided practical instruction – a unique treasury of universal teachings suited to any developing individual.

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