Beginner’s Yoga Posture – a series with Catherine Bovis

A Gentle approach to Yoga asana(posture), suited to Beginner’s and Intermediate Practitioners

This Course offers 19 video presentations ranging in length from 9 to 17 minutes.

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The instruction offers explanatory insights and practical posture sequences graded from Beginner to Intermediate practitoner levels.

This beginner yoga series is specially tailored to guide the student through certain physical techniques, which will later lead to the development of emotional and mental levels of being. 

Whether you are a complete beginner or an advanced practitioner, this yoga series is open to all.

Each of the 4 series is divided into episodes that aim at the development of specific parts of the physical body.

It is a progressive series, which means that the course gets more challenging as it goes on.

It is recommended that you take your time, repeat a series or episode as many times as you feel before progressing to the next stage.

Once the entire series has been completed, by all means, go through it again to strengthen and refine your practice.

Each video is constructed carefully, with clear instruction, long posture holding times, and encouragement to feel into the body.

Transformation does really happen if you picture the posture in the minds eye, perform the posture correctly in the physical body, and feel into the body, particularly areas of tension. This last stage is an important one and is often overlooked – to feel rather than to think about what you’re doing.

All of this is presented in the videos to provide you with a holistic approach to a beginner’s yoga practice. 

It’s time to tone the physical body, balance the emotional states, and integrate the mind.

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